Whisniper (2016)

Whisniper(Whisper + Sniper) is a device for one to transmit a pre-recorded message to someone far away without disturbing others around. 

The City of Seoul recently started transforming the city to encourage non-motor vehicle types of transportation. The city's initiative to build a better environment for walkability ranges from refurbishing old sidewalks to repurposing elevated roadways to walkways, like the High Line of NYC.

It is all good, with big funds and administrative power to build walkable infrastructure, yet one major drawback for walking on the streets of Seoul for people with ears is the loud music(noise) from the shops to attract(or distract) pedestrians. 

Here, I suggest a fictional world where all the sounds and messages are carried like a concealed weapon and only directed to those who are in need, like sniper of sound, not like an assault rifle of its current state.

Client : Artcenter Nabi

It was invited to display at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art, in 2017.

Directionality test with 3d printed parabolic reflector

Testing the sound reflector outside