Repeatable Unrepeatability (2013-2014)

Tools leave distinct mark on the object that is made with. It is sometimes referred as "maker's mark" which enables end users to trace back how it is crafted.

New tools induce unfamiliar sense, leading to unusual (sculptural) value. FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) type 3D Printers fabricates objects cheaply and effortlessly although the primitiveness of fabrication technique leaves horizontal layer marks. Also molten plastic results somewhat uncontrollable and unpredictable outcome such as drooping and drooling. These "imperfections" are undesirable feature which cannot be removed from manufacturing process. But these "imperfections" represent the particularity brought from the unique digital fabrication technique, of which the sculptural value may not be found in objects made with other technique.

By candidly employing and deliberately imbuing these defects which seems erroneous to human eyes through precise numerical control, I intend to explore the foreign qualities that this new(er) tool can bring.

Exhibited at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, 2014

2013 - study

2014 - exhibition (in collaboration with Zinoo Park)