Making with Machine 2017

For the past few years as a practitioner of design and fabrication, I have build relationships with people of shared interest and related works. I thought it would be great to have people actively producing works in the field and hear the process and knowledge, so I threw a small conference called "Making with Machine 2017."

My company MINIFACTURE created and hosted the conference, with speakers from various fields, with a common theme of utilizing machines to bring tangible output.

Daniel Saakes - Industrial designer and a professor at KAIST design lab

Byungjoo Lee - Media artist, and also a professor at KAIST GSCT

Elliot Woods - Co-founder of media artist group Kimchi and Chips

Jie-Eun Hwang - Architect, professor at University of Seoul Department of Architecture

Hyun Parke - Designer, maker and media artist

On the 2nd and 3rd day, a workshop was held to make and try out a soft robotic gripper (soft robotics toolkit, Instructables). Photos here

Conference (Apr. 24)

Workshop (Apr. 25-26)