Rollbot (2023)

Welding wire, Geared DC Motor, Miniature Servo, ATtiny85 Microcontroller, 2.4GHz 3 Channel Receiver,  Various Electronic parts 

This is probably the simplest(or most refined) moving mechanism that I have ever built. This robot was built with “informality” in mind compared to conventional, formal robots. It only has two actuators, one geared motor, and one micro servo motor. On the geared motor, a shaft arm is press-fitted. It has a ½” hex nut simply screwed into the end of the shaft arm, providing weight and length adjustability. The motor does not directly provide propulsion but shifts weight by rotating the shaft arm, shifting the center of gravity, thus inducing the rolling motion of the coil structure. Steering is done by bending the springy, compliant structure, which also protects electronics from falls.

Class name: Informal Robotics at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Class instructor: Chuck Hoberman

Class TA : Leon Kamp