Mixed Reality Model Train (2020)

H0 gauge Märklin locomotive refitted with a DC motor and a motor driver, Arduino Nano, NRF24l01 2.4Ghz transceiver, 4K Digital camera, 5.8Ghz 4K Digital A/V transmitter, Custom designed PCB, Custom built 4-cell Lipo, 3D Printed chassis, Custom software, various electronics

This highly compact H0 gauge spec model train is designed and built for IMG-lab which presented a mixed-reality attraction for a theme park. It was opeated in trade shows around the world, including 2019 IAAPA Orlando. Other than the train - the structure, ride, and digital contents - were built by IMG-lab, in a seamless integration with the external triggers and timers within the train.

Client: Lotte World Adventure

Prototyping process of the model train

PCB milling toolpath

Fresh out of CNC

Resistor, Diode and header on the back

Buck converter, NRF24l01, hall sensor

Triple decking PCBs

Brain and muscle

Sensors and indicators

All soldered up

Heatsink milling toolpath

CNC milled heatsink

Designed to maximize the use the rather small Form2 printing volume

Parts all fit inside the fuselage, in theory

Fitting parts

Test run