As I Wander Through a Primeval Valley (2019)

NEMA17 stepper motors, A4988 stepper motor drivers, Arduino Nano, Custom PCB, CNC milled wooden and aluminum parts, 3d printed gears, DMX controlled light projector, Mechanically generated sound(maximum current with whole step movement from stepper motors)

I was traveling through a deep jungle of Borneo island where I encountered networks of complex cave systems. The caves are absolutely massive in size but without a trace of light in most parts. Acoustics also plays a role in totally scrambling one's spatial sense. Then, a sudden ray of light way up from an opening throws a visible spectrum revealing a Karst cave's intricate, sculptural formation. I was completely belittled by the absolute immersive experience of cave exploring. It was more than any art experience I would ever have.

What's the point of creating works when nothing that I make is greater than what is already there to be discovered?

Funded by Hana Tour Cultural Foundation

Exhibited at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea.

Gigantic entrance of a Karst cave in the jungle of Borneo island

It was hard to get a sense of scale. It seems much smaller in photo.

The design allows a human-head like range of motion in X and Z axis

Sections of circular rack gear

3d printed Nylon gears

Bearing mounts (DLP printed)

Pinion and bearing assembled

Snugly sits on top of the frame

Slotted 2x4 frame