Tessellated Vase Manufactory (2013)

Designers have been responsible for defining a single decisive form for mass produced products in the process of mass manufacturing.

Today, however, the proliferation of digital fabrication tools can place the means of production back into the hands of individuals, which in turns, would redefines designers' role.

Visitors(consumers) are provided with a designing interface with a behind-working algorithm to devise an infinite number of forms, allowing them to personalize and actualize their own products not somewhere in overseas, but in-situ with a large format 3D printer.

When things translate digitally(in this case things are in digital-virtual state then translated into tangible objects) how can one assess the values of items other than the price seller dictates? If museum pieces can be replicated via digital distribution, without degradation in quality, identical to the exhibited pieces, what values do those so called "museum pieces" hold?

Designed vases are hosted here for download.

Exhibited at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Artcenter Nabi, Seoul, Korea.