How To Grow Almost Anything (2022)

"Building upon the tradition of ‘How to Make (Almost) Anything,’ we are offering ‘How to Grow (Almost) Anything,’ a course to teach bio-enthusiasts of all backgrounds the principles and skills at the cutting edge of bioengineering and synthetic biology."

This intense course of lectures and wet lab recitation taught me the fundamentals of molecular biology and how to design custom DNA and use it with model organisms. My project was to design a plasmid in bacteria(E.coli) for biosequestation of CaCO3 from dissolved CO2 in the ocean, opening up a process of co-creation of sculptures with the human artist. I used the chemical process of ureolytic bacterial CaCO3 precipitation,  which is common in nature as it is seen in mollusks, corals, crustaceans, phytoplankton, and other marine organism.

The research and the project are available to view here.

Class Instructor : David Kong(MIT), George Church(Harvard), Joseph Jacobson(MIT), and more

Spring 2022

Running the gel (DNA Electrophoresis)

Balancing the centrifuge

PCR process (Gibson assembly)

Plating glass beads with skillz

In search of wild card combination for carotenoids production

Keeping them chilled

Final design of plasmid with the urease genes