PA(Nylon) frame micro hexacopter

PIKO BLX F3 FC, Racerstar 6A ESCs, 0802 BLDC motors, Custom designed and 3d printed Polyamide frame, various electronics

As a hobby multirotor builder and pilot, one of the major drawbacks is the damage to the chassis and/or electronics, which is often unrepairable on the field. I have printed quite a few mechanical parts with PolyAmide filaments in the past and was pleased by its nearly indestructible characteristic, if printed right. Usually any type of Polyamide 3d prints have quite a flex, unless it is restricted by the structure. After printing, it was stress tested manually with the earlier iterations. It survives to this day after surely 100+ big and small crashes!

Many birds are territorial and they view similar-sized aircraft as invaders. This footage captured the aggressive behavior of a sparrow while FPV piloting this palm-sized craft.