The Place She Stayed (2013)

How an object is made differentiates aspects of the object. Qualities from hard to soft, shiny to matte, colorful to colorless, can be achievable by shifting one way of making to another. Origin of the form stays the same yet utilizing a different way of making an object puts two items in a distinct place with rather similar sculptural value. Their iconic pump has turned into a keychain employing 3d scanning with regular camera(123D Catch), and 3D printing.

This was first time to apply Dichloromethane (DCM, or methylene chloride) on PLA, hoping to deliver similar effect as Acetone on ABS, but it didn't work the same. Acetone vapor smells awful but works much better.

Commissioned work for a fashion brand "What I Want". I was asked to create a souvenir for the brand using digital technology.