I am a designer who loves to bring designs to tangibility, employing any types of process.

My work focuses on designing and building contraptions to make things or to perform tasks. I like to push myself to realize design that is considered either impossible or very hard to fabricate with existing way of making. To do that, I like to invent tools and mediums to explore and to evoke unfamiliar sense, leading to develop unusual values.

Designing and making became my major interest when I was attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago pursuing BFA in the Designed Objects program.

I was born and raised in Korea until 19. When in 1997 Asian financial crisis hit the entire region hard, financial struggle in my family had started. After years of struggling, my parents made a decision to move to the US looking to regain financial sustainability.

My life has been in constant moving and changing since then. When my family immigrated to US in 2000, a baker at my family owned doughnut shop was what I had to be, even though my major was Computer Science and Education. After 2 years I spent 8 months in London, fleeing from baking donuts from 2am everyday, and when I came back to the States, life drawing classes at a community college were among the first classes I took, while working as a sushi chef for a couple of years along.

Prior to being independent designer, I helped setting up several maker spaces in Korea, including Fab Lab Seoul(Co-Founder), and Idea Factory(large government run maker space) providing advice on wide subjects from safety to machining.

I worked at the City of Seoul Assistive Technology Service Center for 3 years where I was in charge of designing and manufacturing posture sustainer inserts for wheelchairs and various assistive devices for the disabled, using in combination of digital and power tools.